Thursday, June 30, 2011

sweetest little guy..

tonight while we were eating supper, bill had some music playing on his ipod in the background. one of javier colon's (the guy who just won the voice) songs came on and bill said to josiah, "hey buddy, i want you to sing just like this one day. ok?" jos smiled a cheesy smile and said, "no daddy (although he pronounces it like da-yeey), i wanna be wike you! i'm just gonna be a daddy!" :)i also wanted to add that i took the babies to "pluglix" (publix) today and before i even got in the door of the store, i had what seemed like 17 different people say, "oh, bless your heart!" or "you sure do have your hands full!" :) two people completely moved out of the doorway when we were walking in and another sweet man chased me down to give me my shopping list that i dropped in the parking lot:) it must have been senior citizen day today, too. there were sweet elderly people EVERYWHERE! josiah took it upon himself to say, "hey!!" to every old man that he saw. most of them didn't even hear him, so he started grabbing them on their rear-ends trying to get their attention. i was mortified. but they seemed to like the attention from this cute little fella, so i tried convincing myself that it made their day. we also ran back to the store tonight and he was "friendly fred" again. waving and say "hi" to EVERY.SINGLE.PERSON. i whispered to bill, "why does he feel the need to speak to everyone in the store?" josiah apparently heard me, because he answered me, "i'm saying hey because everyone wuvs me!"

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