Friday, August 5, 2011

puppy lovin'

about 2 weeks ago, we were driving to church when someone calls bill and asks us if we want their 4 month old basset hound. they said that they had 2 small kids and the puppy just wasn't working out. so we decided to meet them and as soon as we saw her, we could not resist her droopy ears, big feet and puppy breath!! so here is the newest addition, sadie davis:) bless her heart, she came to us COMPLETELY infested with fleas. which in return, caused our other 2 bassets (dudley and lola) and our entire back yard to break out with the worst flea situation that we have ever seen!

but all is well, now:) she has been the perfect fit to our brood!! we love her! and speaking of sweet dogs... dudley had a surprise for us one saturday morning! he was keeping guard of this tree and running around like crazy until we realized what he was tormenting....

this poor raccoon was running for his life and ended up stranded at the top of this tree!! bill was just about as proud as dudley!!

** on another note**

*ella kate was SUCH a huge helper tonight as we were getting ready for bed. she got everyones pajamas and underwear ready for them when they got out of the bath tub. she also lined up everyone's toothbrush and put toothpaste on them WITHOUT making a mess:) she was so proud! she looked at me and said, "momma! are you so proud of me?? i did all of this by myself and i didn't even make a mess!! daddy always makes a bigger mess than me!!" i replied, " i know!! give me some!!" then i put my hand out for her to give me a high-five. as she slaps my hand, she shouts, "GIRL POWDERED!!" (i think she meant girl power... cute thing!)

*the other day, i was running errands with the kids. i was stopped at a red light, so i started sorting out coupons in my lap when miley hollers from the back seat, "green means go, momma!!" i look up and sure enough i was holding up traffic at a green light:) she also had a note pad and pen that day in the car and she drew me an unidentifiable object. i asked her what it was and she sat there and looked at it for a while then said, "uhh, it's a flower! ummm... no, it's not a flower. i fink it's a corn!" :) oh, and i want to remember one last thing about miley.... the other night bill was with the kids when i went had a sonic slush with my sister. he ended up putting them to bed, so i didn't talk to them until the morning. so the first thing that miley tells me when she wakes up is, "momma, daddy spank me 'cause i not obey da first time. it hurt my hiney! i so sorry i do dat mommy!" sweet girl:)

*i can't think of what i wanted to share with y'all about josiah! i forget everything if i don't write it down!! i have a bazillion post-it notes, napkins and even mail laying all around with stories scribbled on them so i can remember. oh, well! but i will say that he has been the BIGGEST breath of fresh air!! he is so easy going and low maintenance!! with all the estrogen in my house, i am so thankful for my cute little man:)

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