Wednesday, June 17, 2009

we love to swim:)

we have really been working on our swimming skills so far, this summer! the babies are like fish:) ella kate will jump in off the diving board, although she refers to it as the 'dying board'. hmmm:)
josiah loves the water too! he walks of the steps and gets those legs a'working and says, "kick!kick! kick! kick!..." it is cute to see:)
miley will float around in the pool too, although she is just as content to sit on a blanket or her swing and chew on some toys under a shady tree.. and possibly take a nap with bill on the hammock:)if any of you have some little ones who are unable to swim on their own.. these swim suits are AMAZING! $10 at kmart:) we have tried EVERYTHING from life jackets to swimmies to floats.. and the babies still kept going under water ... until we got these things! now, they can swim the whole pool all by themselves with no help! (of course, we never leave them unattended and someone is always in the pool with them.. ) but, it makes going to the pool with 3 little ones under 3, so much easier and more fun:)

and this one cracks me up! you all know how much josiah loves my sister lauren (yaya), well, this is how poor yaya gets a tan when josiah is around:) oh, to be loved!

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