Tuesday, June 9, 2009

working with daddy

bill decided to take josiah to work with him for the morning. i love that his job will allow him to be flexible like that, and the babies love it even more. josiah was so excited and was at the front door waving to me saying, "bye-bye'th! iiiii uuuuu!" (yes, this child has a bit of a lisp too, so that is his version of bye bye's, i love you.) what a cutie.
ella kate was a bit distraught that she was not able to leave with bill. she kept saying, "no daddy. you can't yeeb (leave) me!" she is a great little actress, however there were no tears. so the boys left us and i could tell that ella kate's feelings were really hurt. i asked her if she wanted to watch barbie and this was her reply: "yeah momma! now that's what i'm talkin' about!!!" oh my. i cracked up hearing that... and needless to say, she is no longer sad, but is indulging herself with barbie and cookies:) we might bake something or do something girly and special later on, so i will keep you posted!
here was cute little bubba ready to work with daddy:)


  1. aren't they just the sweetest!!! I bet he will love his "Daddy day"!!!

  2. so cute in these pics...love him!