Sunday, June 21, 2009

singing in big church!

today the preschool aged kids got to sing in big church! ella kate and josiah happened to be in that group too, and they did sooo great! bill and i sit on the front row, and i just knew that as soon as they saw us, they were going to break down and cry... but they didn't! they just smiled and sang like they were supposed to! as a matter of fact, as soon as the kids got on stage, ella kate hollered out to bill (who was out in the audience), "daddy! i'm gonna sing for YOU!!!" it was cute.. they did such a great job and we couldn't have been more proud! the pics didn't turn out very well at all. i guess the lighting in the church messed with the flash of my camera. but i do have a few pictures that are dark and grainy.. so here they are!

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