Thursday, June 11, 2009

talking to herself

ella kate has been having the cutest conversations lately... with herself! she will ask herself questions, and then she answer's them. tonight, this is what i heard:
"i want sumpin.."
"well, you can have some cheese and gatorade if you be a sweet girl!"
"i'ma be a sweet girl, cause my's not crying!"
"good girl ella kate, you is being a sweet girl."
"do you want circle cheese or rectangle cheese?"
"i fink i want circle cheese."
"oh, me too!! i want circle cheese too!"
"oh, ok! you can have circle cheese!"


  1. That is just way too son talks in his sleep about eating...see my blog on "Kyle's Yummy Dreams"

  2. love this girl... and hers always gotta have sumpin!