Tuesday, June 23, 2009

big momma

these days we are trying to teach ella kate to say, "excuse me" when she interrupts us while we are talking. so tonight at the dinner table while bill and i were trying to catch each other up on our days, she kept saying, "daddy! daddy! daddy!"
so bill told her jokingly, "no you need to say excuse me, big daddy! people call me big daddy!" she smiled and said, "you's not big daddy.. you's my daddy!"
it was cute. then she proceeded to tell him about her falling down the stairs, her coloring all over her arms with marker, and anything else exciting that happened during her day here at home. when she finally took a breath and let someone else get a word in, bill began to finish telling me about his day, and almost immediately she wanted to interrupt us again.
she said, "momma! poppa calls you katie. your name's katie!"
bill then chimes in, "no, her name isn't katie, it's hot momma!"
ella kate sits there for a moment then smiles and busts out with,
"no! her name is BIG MOMMA!"
we are working with ella kate on memorizing psalm 23
so far, she only has the first 2 verses... but hopefully she will know it all by her 3rd bday!
we'll keep you posted:)

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