Saturday, June 6, 2009

just another day..

today was one of those days where we all stayed in our pj's and just lounged around. it was fun, relaxing and well-deserved:) i pulled put an extra crib mattress and let the kids go wild. they were jumping on it like a trampoline, doing flips and working up a good sweat! ella kate even took it upon herself to stand at the 5th stair going up and jump all the way down to the mattress. dare devil:) she was so cute.. she would stand at the top and to get every one's attention she would clear her throat and say, "ahem! gentlemen and 'siah... watch ella kate jump side to side!" apparently, that was what she thought she was doing.. it was cute.
then it was lunch time, and i called them to the table. josiah comes up wearing ella kate's pink straw hat (which has come unraveled so much, it looks so silly). he is too much.
ella kate raises her hand to say the blessing and this is how it goes,
"dear god, fank you for dis food and fank you for momma, and daddy and my dogs. fank you for dis blessin'....aaaaaamen."

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