Wednesday, June 17, 2009

ho-hum, just another day..

not much was going on at the davis house today. i got a lot of cleaning done, but nothing extraordinary. i made spaghetti for supper tonight, and the babies gobbled it up! they love that stuff, and i love feeding it to them b/c it gets them good and full. i think that this was the first night in a long time that ella kate hasn't said, "momma, i need sumpin' to bessert!" (i need something for dessert) so, her belly must have been filled up:)
after supper i stripped them down and put on a baby einstCheck Spellingein dvd so i could clean up the disastrous kitchen! baby einsteins are, in my words, heaven sent! i love them and think that every mom of small children should own one. or nine:) it gives me a guaranteed 30 minutes to clean, take a shower, do some laundry or have a little breather all without a single interruption! hallelujah:) i know one of these days, i am going to want to remember what my living room looked like while a baby einstein was playing, so i decided to take a pic! sweet kiddos.. it is like they get sucked in:)
i think that miley is trying to cut her first tooth, so this is the new face that we always see:) her sucking in her bottom lip..after the kitchen was clean, i pulled out some pipe cleaners and thought the ella kate would like to make some sort of creation with me. a friend of mine also has a 2 yr old girl and recently told me how they like to play with pipe cleaners, so i thought that i would give it a try.ella kate wasn't crazy about them, but josiah LOVED them! he would bring me one after the other and say, "circle! circle!" i would make a circle and he would put it around his ankle like an anklet... hmmm, what would his daddy say?! anyways, it was cute and he had fun:)ella kate was running around downstairs like a mad man! she was so hyper and silly, i dont know what got into her!! here she is making her ducky say, cheese! after i took the pic, she looked at me and said.."momma, the ducky can't really talk. i's just pentendin'!" (pretending)
smart girl, huh?
then she wanted to play the face game. this is her happy face...her mad face..her sad face (she calls it her crying face)...her silly face..

and her shy face! does she look shy to you??

sweet kids! we are ready for daddy to come home from work:)

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