Wednesday, July 22, 2009

here lately..

sweetest baby in the world:) playing tag around the tree! ella kate takes a tumble...
handsome josiah
a dirty face only a momma could love:)
pretty ella kate posed like this on her own:)
pringles are yummy:)
2 cans of pringles can bring so much happiness:)
we have been so super busy lately!! my poor blog has been so neglected:(
the babies are growing so fast!
josiah is a total big boy now that he has a big boy hair cut!
it has really changed his little personality.. we aren't sure if this is a good or bad thing yet! i'll keep you posted:) one thing that is cute about our little bubba, is the fact that he talks all the time now! everyday he amazes me with all that he knows! but, the funny thing is his voice:) he has the softest, highest pitch, minnie mouse voice... it makes me and bill laugh. i will have to record him saying something soon and share it with y'all.... it'll make you smile:) he is a cutie!
miley is still our smiley, sunshiney baby:) every single member of our family is totally in love with her! both ella kate and josiah smother her and can't kiss her enough.. it is sweet to watch. she is starting to pull up on everything! now, when we go get her from her crib she is standing up and smiling:)
oh yeah... she also has 2 teeth!
ella kate is still the same crazy ella kate! she is so mature and grown up for a 2 almost 3 yr old... it amazes me! she is quite the 'mother hen' to josiah, miley and her cousin baby eve. always kissing, hugging and comforting them. although, she still smacks josiah around from time to time. she makes me laugh everyday at what she says. like this morning... i made pancakes and
was bringing them to the table. i made a comment about them being so hot and burning my hands and ella kate said to me, "well then put them down, momma." she shook her head and couldn't believe that i didn't think of doing that myself. excuse me!
ek also likes to make up games for she and josiah to play. one of their favorites is 'rock-a-bye". she hollers out to josiah and says, "c'mon siah lets play rock-a-bye!" and he scurries over to her and knows exactly what they are playing. she sits in a rocking chair and makes josiah sit in a bumbo seat (a stationary infant booster seat). then they start rocking back and forth. although, josiah's seat doesn't rock.. or move, period. so he rocks his head back and forth trying to keep up with her! it is so funny! they just laugh and laugh! i really need to take a picture and post it!
these kids are something else.... but, i am so glad that they are mine!! well, at least today i am:)

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  1. I love your blog, Katie! I've never even really met your kids, but they sure do make me smile! The photo of EK by the tree is soooo pretty! And Miley sure is growing up fast! Hope you guys are doing well, and I'm glad you're back to posting cute stories! I check everyday! :-)