Wednesday, July 29, 2009


i am having a hard time here, people! i just cannot get back into the blogging groove! i have so many cute things to write and pictures to post... but i just get lazy and slack off! poor little blog!

but real quick... ella kate tried my patience ALL day today! she got more spankings today than josiah... and that is A LOT! i can't even remember what she did in the bathtub tonight, but i had had enough so i told her that as soon as she got out, that she was going straight to bed. i was tired of her being ugly and disobedient! she then looked at me and said, "hey! i got a great idea! maybe i be sweet and obey you and i can watch a movie and eat some cheese!" but it was too late for that... and i was too tired, so off to bed she went!

also.. josiah is talking so much these days! he steps on a toy or accidentally bumps into one of the girls and he goes, "whoops! sowwy (sorry)!" so cute! he also has a passy at night still and he calls it his kassy:) when i get him from his crib in the morning, he takes his passy and throws it in his bed and says, "oh.. kassy, night night!" and when i put him to sleep tonight, he pointed at me and said "IIIIIIIIII UUUUUUUUU!" (i love you)

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