Monday, July 6, 2009

real quick

i really need to blog about our week at the beach last week...what a trip!! i have several stories to share, but that will take entirely too long right now! maybe, tomorrow??

anyhoo! here are 2 funny things that ella kate told me today that i wanted to share..

i usually talk to both of my sisters and my mom on the phone everyday and for some reason today, my sister erin wasn't answering my calls. so i left her a message like this,
"erin! you STINK! why are you screening your calls? yada yada yada..."
when i hang up the phone, ella kate hollers from the backseat,
"momma, was sissy pooping?!?"
i didn't understand what she meant by that, until i realized that i had told my sister that she stunk:) haha

tonight when i put josiah and miley down for bed, i didn't put ella kate down b/c i wanted to spend a little more time with her. so, we popped popcorn and came upstairs to watch something girly on tv. (bill was downstairs watching cops or something of that nature.) we got settled into my bed and turned on the bachelorette:) ella kate asked why daddy didn't want to come upstairs with us and i tried to explain to her that he was watching 'boy' tv, you know.. the manly shows. she asked which one, and i said i wasn't sure. she sat still for a minute then responded,
"i fink i know what show daddy's watching! him's watching the jonah brudders!! (jonas brothers from the disney channel! hey, they are BOYS that are on TV)"
now how in the world does she know about the jonas brothers? we have never watched or listened to them before.. unless, she is right about bill! maybe she and her daddy watch them when i am not here...hmmm.

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  1. I think you may have a mess on your hands with this little one :O)

    Too much of a cutie!!!!