Monday, July 13, 2009

color, color

josiah is our little artist:) he LOVES to color. he will stay occupied with a piece of paper and a pen for what seems like FOREVER:) ella kate? not so much. it makes me feel bad because he asks to color all the time, and we would if it weren't for miley and ella kate eating them. (yes, i said ella kate. you know how some kids eat play dough or glue? well, ek loves her some crayons! gross.. i know! whats worse is when she comes around the corner looking full of mischief and smiles at me with 10 different colors of wax stuck in her teeth!! ) so while miley napped, we pulled out the 'colors' and went hard at work on our masterpieces. josiah gets so into it, he doesn't make a sound. he just colors away in pure concentration. ella kate on the other hand gets bored with it VERY easily and ends up coloring on my picture! it drives me nuts, i will have worked hard so hard on mine... stayed in the lines, perfected my shading:) and then she comes and either wants to trade pictures, or marks on my masterpiece! she says she is just trying to help me, but i think that she is jealous of my artistic ability:) as a matter of fact, seconds into our coloring tonight she said, "momma! this coloring is pretty hard!"


  1. lol. your posts are hilarious :) what cuties you have! and yeah, my kid eats play-doh, glue and crayons. Gotta love 'em!

    -carla gay-

  2. I love to color....but I am the same way "don't mess with my artwork!"