Thursday, July 9, 2009

back in the groove...

i have been so slack here on this poor blog! it is needing some loving, so here goes...

first off, the beach! the girls and i headed to fripp island for the week with my family and left bill and josiah at home. we had a great time, although the beginning of the week was quite rough. we arrived at the beach house to find dead bugs, dirty floors, HUGE cobwebs, blood on my comforter... just to name a few! but we put on our happy faces and made the best of it. ella kate and miley LOVED the sand and built many sandcastles! (although ella kate preferred making mud castles... the ones where you drip the wet sand through your hands) she also made at least a new friend everyday! she is so friendly:) she would walk up to any random little girl with a toy and say, "hey, we can share your bucket! you wanna play wiff me?" so cute.. so innocent. i remember on the first day at the beach, she told me "momma, god made the sand and the waves and all those sticks out there! and god made me to put my shoes on!!" i don't have a clue where that came from. i just went along with it:) and my sweet miley was a doll! she did amazingly well all week. she loved playing in the sand and with all the little crabs! she would grab them in her chubby little hand and try to put them in her mouth!! she also had a lot of fun playing with her cousin, eve. they will best buddies before long! miley is starting to pull herself up now, but doesn't know how to get back down. she kinda hollers out like... hey, what do i do now?? towards the end of the week, she fell and busted her poor little head. but she was a trooper and got over it real quick!

we didn't really get much sleep there, though. ella kate woke up 2 or 3 nights and missed her bed at home. and i think that miley (my baby who usually gives me 14 hours or so of sleep at home) only slept through the night twice!! you can tell that we don't leave home very often... the babies are used to their own rooms and their own beds!

on a funnier note.. ella kate has been nicknamed 'chatty kathy'.. b/c she barely takes a breath in between sentences. but last week she was calling everyone else, "chatty kaffy!" she would also wave her little fist and say, "hey! i gotta nuckie sa-wich for you!" (knuckle sandwich) cute. we went to the little general store on the island one day and there was a teenage boy with her shirt off walking through out the store and ella kate yells, "hey yaya! there's a naked boy!" of course everyone looks at us, and no one thinks she is cute like we do:)

we had fun, but missed our boys like crazy! it was a sweet homecoming!!

oh, well.. i know that i am leaving out so many cute and important things, but i am tired and can't think anymore! more to come soon!

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