Saturday, July 4, 2009

my baby is 9 months old!

happy 9 month birthday, miley! my sweet baby girl is growing up WAY to fast! i cannot believe that she is already 9 months old! she is an AMAZING baby and we could not have asked for a better 'surprise' than smiley miley! ella kate and josiah both love her and in return, she loves them just as much! miley is crawling EVERYWHERE and is getting pretty fast, now! she loves to eat and snack on cookies with her brother and sister. she hasn't mastered the sippy cup yet, but there is still time:) she also cut her first tooth recently and is still our VERY loud baby who LOVES to growl:) she seldom cries, but if she does, it is usually over in a matter of seconds! we love our baby miley!

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