Saturday, July 25, 2009

my, my, my..

ok.. so after we swam this morning, i brought the kids in for their naps. i dried ella kate off and put one of her favorite dresses on her. only today, it was not one of her favorites. she told me it hurt, and was too tight and yada...yada..yada. but i knew that it was fine, and i did NOT back down!! i told her that she was going to wear it and that it was nap time. i put her in her bed and shut her door.. only to hear her crying and pitching a fit inside. i walk back into her room and see her on the bed naked with her dress on her floor. oh no she didn't!! i spanked her and put her dress BACK on her and told her that if she did that again, i was going to send in daddy to spank her. she then obeyed and went to sleep. after nap time, i went in her room to get her up. when i opened her door, i saw that she was standing there naked. she looked of all smiles and said, "momma!! my don't have to wear that dress 'cause i T'd all in it!" i couldn't believe her. i grabbed her dress and it was totally soaked through! not just a little bit on the hem that naturally would be there if she had had an accident... NO!! she had taken off her dress and laid it on the floor then, popped a squat!!! apparently she was going to show me that she was NOT going to wear that dress after all. and to those of you wondering what happened next, daddy came to the rescue and had to deal with her!! i had had enough!


  1. I'm having to hold back a giggle because I know our day will be here before I know it...and it's not very funny when it's your own. :-)

  2. OH....MY....GOSH! She cracks me up!!! She sure enough DID NOT want to wear that dress. Good grief! LOL! :)