Friday, September 25, 2009

ella kate gets mail:)

checking the mail is one of the highlights of my day, EVERYDAY! i love getting catalogs, magazines, notes from friends... anything but bills:) ella kate has caught on the fun and today she actually got a note in the mail! i gave her her letter and went to put the other mail on the counter. she runs to me so excited and says, " hey momma!! i got stickers and note from NONNY!!!" this made me smile, because nonny was SO good at sending cards and packages in the mail for the babies... at least once a month she would send them something.
i took the cute card and read it to ella kate, it was from her class at school:) they were telling her that they missed her and had been praying for her to get well soon... she still loved it, even though it wasn't sent from heaven:)
thank you mrs. hope and mrs. ann... you made ella kate's day!

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  1. So glad EK enjoyed her card. God is always on time isn't He? I made cards for EK & 3 other children who have also been out all week. We almost gave the card to your mama to give EK but she asked if we would go ahead & mail it. I remember how excited Scout used to get about mail - we used to give her the "occupant" mail! Glad to hear she's better & will be happy to have her back at school. And please pray for the other 3 to heal as well. Love ya!