Wednesday, September 23, 2009

sick, sick

sorry i have been behind on the blog, AGAIN!! but this time.. i really do have an excuse!
saturday night, ella kate went to sleep about 730 or so and then woke up crying around 10. i went into her room and saw her gasping for breath and totally freaking out. i tried to calm her down, while bill was calling our doctor. we weren't sure what was happening... an allergic reaction to something, or what?? the dr could hear ella kate wheezing in the background and told us to bring her into the ER to get a shot to help open her airways. while she was there, she started coughing and sounded like a barking seal... croup! the dr. immediately knew what it was, monitored her for a while, then sent her home. and let me tell you... this croup stuff is NO FUN! it is not too bad during the day, but the night time is HORRIBLE! i feel like she was up every hour coughing and crying and gasping for air all week!! but, thankfully she is feeling much better! however, this morning, i woke up to another wheezer with a raspy bark... and his name is josiah! good grief! i had been busting my hiney trying to lysol and disinfect EVERY square inch of my house, but it was inevitable! now, i am praying that baby miley will be fine and not catch this mess, too! if only i could send her to someone else's house to stay for a couple of days until the croup has left!! oh... wishful thinking:) besides, i would miss her too much!!

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  1. My son kept the croup when he was younger. Try raising the head of their cribs or beds using blocks or phone books. This helps everything drain down. Also use a humidifier at night in the rooms and put them to bed with a little clothes on as possible. The warmer they get the worse the cough gets.

    I spent many a night walking out side with Kyle in the cool air and with our heads stuck in the freezer.

    The cooler the air gets the easier it is for them to breath.

    Good luck!