Saturday, September 19, 2009

our trip to lowes

this afternoon we all loaded up to lowes to pick up a few things. it is funny how a few things take an HOUR to get.... bill loves that store! anywho, while bill was talking with one of the appliance guys the babies were getting restless, so i pushed the buggy up and down different aisles to keep them moving. on one of the aisles was this sweet, little old man. ella kate said, "aww... mom, he is SOOO cute! i think him's name is poppy!" it was sweet, but he didn't hear her. on another aisle, josiah spilled his bag of cereal that he was eating. it fell straight through holes in the buggy and all over the floor, which was then rolled over by the buggy because i wasn't paying attention. but, to make matters worse... he was eating frosted shredded mini wheats, so you can imagine the mess that it made and all the little pieces that were EVERYWHERE! not to mention, the look on one of the store clerk's face. i had to smile though, because josiah kept saying, "oh.. sowwy, sowwy, sowwy, sowwy!" (sorry)

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