Friday, September 25, 2009

a little bored here...

this week has tried my patience and creativity. ella kate and josiah BOTH have croup and we have been thinking of fun, indoor games to keep them occupied! my kids love to be outside, but it has been too hot and when they get hot, they cough more, and more, and more.... so besides enjoying a popsicle outside today, we have been playing inside:) we have colored every page of every coloring book that we own, we have played with and eaten lots of playdough, we have put stickers all over ourselves, decorated cookies and then licked all the icing off to start over again, built forts and then torn them down and devoured almost 3 boxes of popsicles:) fun times, i tell ya!! :) here are some pics of our popsicle fun-ness outside today. ella kate decided to share licks with our basset hounds dudley and lola... lovely! and miley skipped on the frozen treat and enjoyed some puffy cheetos instead:)

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