Saturday, September 5, 2009

silly 'siah

josiah has been saying the CUTEST things lately! his little personality is really starting to develop and i am falling in love with this boy all over again! he really is a sweet kid:) it seems like he went from our most challenging kid, to one that we THOROUGHLY enjoy being around! he is a cutie!
tonight in the car ella kate and josiah were tickling each other in the backseat. it always starts off as fun and then one of them ends up having enough and it turns into drama. well, they were giggling and laughing so loud and then josiah calls out, "hey momma! 'siah hit me!" apparently he is so used to hearing ella kate tattle on him, that now he is so confused and ends up tattling on himself!
also.. we were given a dvd that had a variety of cartoons on it. dora, blues clues, lazytown, little bill and max & ruby. the babies hadn't even seen several of these cartoons before, but now have fallen in love with them. as a matter of fact josiah came up with a sweet expression and said, "hey momma! mac-th and roothee? mac-th and roothee?" hearing him ask to watch max & ruby with his little lisp is hilarious!

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