Monday, April 25, 2011

batman and drama queen..

do you see this cute thing right here??? this is my neice, eve. she and miley are 8 weeks apart and i can already tell that they are going to be trouble when they get older. eve has taught miley a few things and one of them happens to be the word - never. you see.. eve LOVES barbie movies and i have heard her quote a few lines from them.. so i am not sure if she learned this from barbie or what.... but my sassy pants miley loves to say it. just this week, she and josiah were watching tv when miley turns the tv off. josiah said, "hey! miley turn it back on! i was watchin' that!" miley cuts her eyes at her brother and says, "nevahhhhh!" (never) thanks eve:) josiah found this batman costume which was handed down to us from a friend and is entirely too small. (as you can see) but jos loves to wear it and he loves to look behind him as he is running and watch his cape fly through the wind.
however, the poor little guy isn't the most coordinated superhero. while he is looking behind him at his cape, he has managed to run smack into the fire place, trip over some dancing shoes, take out his little sister and plow into the arm of the couch.:)this is what i got when i asked miley to smile for me..lovely.
hey, you win some. you lose some.

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