Monday, April 4, 2011

catching my breath:)

our life is crazy these days, but it is also SO much fun:) we could not have dreamed of a smoother transition with our sweet 4th baby! sure, i am pooped and could pass out at any given moment, but our hearts are so full of love for this precious angel:) when i look at my sweet family, i am overwhelmed by god's goodness!!! thank you jesus for these sweet blessings! adalyn is 2 weeks old and today at her 2 week check up, she weighed 8lb 3oz!! piggy piggy:) josiah will kill me for this one day, but this is an every day (or what seems like an every hour) occurrence here at the davis house:) taking care of business while playing on daddy's "hi-pot" (ipod)
speaking of blessings... this man is amazing:) having 4 babies ages 4 and under would be a LOT harder if he weren't such an incredible daddy and hubby! he has totally taken over every responsibility that he can with ek, jos and miley so that i can heal, rest, recover, nurse and bond with adalyn. what a man!!!
sweet hiney:)
we had to take a pic of this!! in the time that it takes for me to nurse the baby, my big 3 can do this to a clean and spotless room.... and it just so happened that my hormones were still raging at this point, so i cried! but my sweet hubby had them clean everything spic and span again:)
this swing has gone through all 4 of my babies... it works wonders for nap time:)
bright eyes:)

squishy face:o) i LOVE her juicy lips!
at the park!! everyone had turns on the monkey bars!

adalyn grace opted out of the monkey bars and chose to sit on the bench with me:)
monkey see, monkey do! it is hard to believe that adalyn will be tagging along with them in no time!
just a skippin' ....
2 of my beautiful girls:)
my handsome boys!
going for a walk:)
i need to bullet point some funny things before i forget:

*josiah is completely and i mean COMPLETELY terrified of bees or any other flying insect. and i am talking shaking, crying and frozen in fear!! my mother in law recently bought us a trampoline for our back yard and the babies LOVE it, but josiah has recently opted out of jumping and preferred staying inside by himself to avoid any bees that might have been outside.

*when i was in my last few weeks of my pregnancy, the "nesting" was in full force! for some odd reason i felt like the bath mats in our bathroom needed to be clean before the baby came. so i washed them and happily laid them back on our floor all clean and fluffy. however, the first time the babies came in to use the restroom i made them walk around the mats, so they wouldn't get all matted and flat. ella kate was such a helper with my neurotic cleaning. one afternoon josiah was peeing and ella kate walked by and saw him standing on the mat, so she hollered, " 'siah!!!! get off the rug!! you're not supposed to step on it!!!" he got scared and was trying to spread his legs and straddle the mat while peeing and it was QUITE hilarious:) she got onto bill several times about standing on the rugs, too! but, he just ignored her.... oh well, at least she tried:)

*my kids love to pretend play and their latest obsession is playing show and tell! (thanks erin!!) they are so cute to watch! each one runs to their room and gets something to share and they all meet back in the living room and sit in a circle. miley makes me laugh when she goes first: "good moanin' eddie-body! i'm miney and dis is a ________!" then she shows off whatever toy or stuffed animal that she has chosen to share with her siblings:) i love that miney!!

*at the park last night, there was a lady running laps on the track. as soon as josiah saw her he said, "hey wook daddy! that girl is playing chase!"

*ella kate was watching a remake of the snow white movie with bill when she looked at him and said, "daddy, i think snow white has jesus in her heart." he looked at her said, "oh really? why?" then she said, "because she kept saying 'my lord' when she was talking to the king!"

*i think it is adorable that my girls associate every animal/creature with having a family. they try to encourage josiah when he is freaking out about a bee by saying, "it's ok 'siah! that bee's not going to hurt you! he's just looking for his momma!" or when they hear a dog howling, he is howling because he can't find his family.:)


  1. I love your blog Katie! It's great to hear the funny stuff the kids have said or done and reminds me so much of our two. The pics are great too...your family is beautiful! My favorite pic though is the one of Josiah on the potty b/c Mason has to strip all of his clothes off too!

  2. love this post :o) you are an amazing mommy! the pics from the park are so cute. i love adalyn in her monkey shirt.. and the pic of ek and miley.. ek looks so old! the story behind the messy room while nursing cracks me up. you know i can totally relate :o)
    your family is absolutely precious. love you all!