Monday, April 18, 2011

bits and pieces!

happy easter! you know i had to be all matchy-matchy! :) funny story: bill was cutting josiah's hair and in the process, he gave him a mohawk. josiah wasn't a big fan of it when he looked in the mirror. he told bill, "daddy, i'm ready to be josiah again!" bill told him that he was josiah and his response was, "no i'm not, i'm alfalfa!!" ha!! we recently watched the little rascals:)
i'm not sure why this picture is messed up, but ella kate is the biggest "helper" with adalyn and to be honest, it freaks me out a little!! don't worry though, bill was right next to ek with his hands under the baby:)
check out these bad boys!! pray for ella kate this week! she is having her tonsils removed on thursday and will be staying in the hospital overnight. bill will be staying with her, since i am nursing adalyn every 3 hours, so also pray for me and my hormonal self!! i really want to be with my baby during her surgery, so pray that i can juggle everything and everyone!!
i could watch my sweet adalyn grace sleep all day long!! what a doll! she makes me want 10 more babies!! ha!! no... really, she does:)

what a joy she has been!! we all loves her to pieces and have to fight for our turn to hold her and kiss her!!

and lastly, i will leave you with this sweet moment! it will melt your heart!! i have rocked all of my babies and sang "you are my sunshine" to each of them since they were born. now, they all sing it to adalyn and i got this sweet video of miley singing to her baby sister:) LOVE!!

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  1. Too cute! I think little "Alwyn Gwathe" lost an eyeball about 5 seconds into the clip...hope she won't be needing that!