Saturday, April 30, 2011

look who is 6 weeks old and just as sweet as can be:)

adalyn weighed in today at 11lb 8oz. she is a growing, healthy girl!!

she also smiled for the first time yesterday!! granted, it was at her aunt jenna (not me!!) and i didn't get a picture, but i DID witness it and it was the sweetest thing you ever saw:) she has smiled before in her sleep or gazing off in the distance, but this was the first time that she knew what she was doing! precious!! i love moments like that! we tried and tried to get her to do again, but she was holding out on us:) she also is sleeping 7-8 hours at night!! hallelujah!! i think these bags that i have had under my eyes for months now might be going away!!
josiah still loves kissing adalyn and gets tickled when her hand rubs across him or she grabs a hold of his finger. he LOVES it and squeals with delight:) this weekend he walked up to her, got in her face and with a sweet high pitched little voice, he said, "hey dair, my little sugarplum princess!" sweet.. but seriously, this kid NEEDS a brother:)

i was in the kitchen making supper when miley snuck up behind me. i didn't see her there, so i stepped on her foot when i turned to open up the fridge for something. i bent down and told her i was sorry but she scowled at me and with her arms crossed over her chest she said, "hey! you did that on perfess!!!" (purpose) so apparently forgiveness and graciousness aren't her strong suits! we're working on that!

ella kate was a bit grumpy this weekend. well, i guess i wouldn't say grumpy, but she was down and kinda complained a lot. she reminded me a lot like the donkey from winnie the pooh. i can not even try to spell his name but it sounds like "E-OR!" ha:) anywho... whenever she would complain about something or be negative towards her siblings, i would lovingly call her a "rain cloud". i really was trying to encourage her to be our happy little sunshine or my sweet little rainbow, but she was having a hard day and it was just too hard for her to be sweet! apparently her attitude rubbed off on her daddy. while i was bathing the babies, bill was trying to finish up supper and got a little stressed out with everything that was going on. ella kate and i were trying to make him laugh to cheer him up, but instead he got irritated with us and went back to the kitchen. ella kate looked at me and without skipping a beat, she said "daddy's a storm!!" bahahaha... i thought i was going to wet my pants:) she has great comedic timing.. and it went along perfect with our weather analogies!! daddy was a storm but as soon as he heard what she said, he couldn't help but laugh too!

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