Tuesday, April 26, 2011

ever had one of those days??

woke up to a hungry adalyn.. looked at the clock: 6am. yay! she slept through the night again. i've missed her and get excited to go and see her:) i stumble into her room to feed her. pick her up and kiss her sweet, grunty little self and settle into the glider. while i am rocking her, i look at her and am just SO thankful. i love this baby. i love ALL of my babies.. what blessings they are. i burp her, change her diaper and lay her back down. walk into my bathroom and took a glance at myself and see that one of my eyes is really red.. almost bloodshot. could it be pink eye? it doesn't itch or hurt, so i crawl back into bed. what seems like minutes later, bill wakes up and showers, then kisses me goodbye. the other babies are still sleeping so i get up and start getting myself ready. my eye is looking less red and more pink... still no other symptoms.

by this time, josiah and ella kate are awake and playing in their room. i go downstairs and lay out their clothes for them to wear. i go into the kitchen to fix them something to drink. while i open the fridge, i realize that i forgot to make their lunches for mother's day out last night. ((sigh)) i stand in the doorway of the refrigerator hoping that something will pop out at me and asked to be packed in ella kate's lunch. she still needs to eat "soft" foods and we are running out of options.... and she is getting tired of eating the same things everyday. i throw a few things together and go to put them in the proper lunch boxes, but i can't find miley's lunch box anywhere. i look and look and then see the clock and realize that she will just have to have her lunch in a gallon size ziplock baggie.

i get miley up and change her. she doesn't want to wear what i picked out, but it will have to do. we are running late. it is time for me to wake up adalyn and feed her again. half an hour and 2 changes of clothes later (for myself and the baby), we are finished. she always seems to spit up at the most convenient times:)

i call my big girls upstairs to fix their hair, then we all head out the door to school. jos sees a cicada and freaks out. then miley freaks out and ella kate wants to freak out. i tell them to run fast and don't look down. the first one to the van is the winner! jos wins but is still crying over the dumb bug. after 2 threats and a pop on the leg (for miley) we are all buckled in our seats and driving down the road. i remember that i didn't give ella kate her pain medicine (for her tonsils) this morning, nor do i have it for school so we turn back around to the house so i can get it. school is about 20-25 minutes away and we are already pushing it. oh well, they can start without us. medicine is given, more tears were shed (ek HATES that stuff!), passy was put back into the baby's mouth and we were on the road, yet again. ella kate is telling me how she is so hungry, then it dawns on me that i NEVER FED THEM BREAKFAST!! what kind of mom am i?? granted i had a baby a few weeks ago, and i am still trying to get the hang of getting 4 little ones dressed and ready, nurse the baby and get myself presentable all so we can leave the house by 9am.... but STILL... i have to feed my kids!! i keep driving... no way am i about to turn the car around again, so i start thinking of cheap, soft and non-messy breakfast foods that they can all eat and can be found through a drive-thru. i pull into duncan donuts and get them some munchkins. they are LOVING it:) what a treat... on a school day!

we manage to catch every red light in town, but arrive at school only 8 minutes late! we all unload with 3 little book bags, 2 lunch boxes, a gallon size ziplock baggie:), medicine and a huge hospital cup full of gatorade. as we go inside i see other little kids in their pj's. oh no... today was miley's pajama party and i totally forgot:( oh well, maybe she wont notice that she is the only one in her class wearing normal clothes. i walk her to her class then see another cute little kid in her pj's with her show and tell item. ((sigh)) it was also show and tell today and i didn't bring anything for miley:( by this time i feeling like the world's worst mom... miley only has school 2 days a week... you'd think i would be able to remember this stuff! but no.. i can't. she walks into her class and starts bossing a little boy around:) (that's my girl!!) i walk jos to his class, while ek walks down to hers. after i kiss jos bye, i walk down to ek's class to kiss her good bye. i tell her teachers that her pain medicine makes her act a little off.... so to be forewarned:) my mom works at the preschool and she is the one who gives ella kate her meds. i am supposed to remind her and tell her the time to give them today, but guess what.... I FORGOT! i didn't realize it until i was driving down the road, so i call the office to ask them to tell my mom for me, but no one answered. so i texted ella kate's teacher and asked if she would relay the message (thanks mrs. tk!)

since i only had adalyn for the morning, i decided that a stroll around target and babies r us would be nice. i had a giftcard to spend, but nothing caught my eye. i figured a frappuccino from starbucks would brighten my mood, so after aimlessly walking around target, i got me a drink and headed back to the car. i put the drink on top of the van so i could put the baby in her carseat. i managed to keep her asleep while i buckled her back in, so i quietly got in the drivers seat and drove off. unwrapped my straw to put in my drink, but ((sigh)) i left it on top off the car when i drove off. i sickened me to think of letting $5 melt and waste away in the parking lot, so i turned the car around, wiped the asphalt and dirt off of my frappuccino that was laying in the middle of the parking lot, put my straw in it and went along my merry way.

i went to my sisters house to hang out and get some clothes for adalyn that her girls weren't going to wear. i plop myself on the couch and begin nursing adalyn when i get a call from ella kate's teacher saying that her mouth is hurting and she wants me to pick her up. i call bill and see if he could leave work and get her for me, b/c i have to feed the baby. he doesn't answer, so i tell her sweet teacher that i will come as soon as i get done. a few minutes later, i get a text saying that ek is feeling better and now wants to stay until carline:) thank you jesus!!

((sigh)) ... and it is only 11am!


  1. Bless your heart!!!!..Your day exhaust me just reading it...I will think differently in the morning when i take Luke to his one day at mother's day out at Grace...He takes a two hour class at Greenbrier the other days...I feel crazed most mornings just getting him moving and myself...I hope your week gets easier!!!

  2. Sometimes those "mother's days out" are much less restful for the mother than just staying home, aren't they?!

  3. OMG!! Praying your days get easier. :) How exhausting!! My kids both got their adenoids and tonsils out and we didn't leave the house...no AWANA or Pre-K. You are super mom!