Monday, April 18, 2011

miney moe..

miley is hilarious... she really is!! she makes us laugh all day long:) i love how she calls herself "miney". i also love how she answers to "grandma!" when ek and jos are playing house, ek is always the mom and jos is the dad, which leaves miley being the grandma and she LOVES it!! she also loves to eat... and i love how everything that she eats is "nummy!" (yummy) she wants to eat "o-gurt" (yogurt) and "straw-bees" (strawberries) everyday, and has followed in her big sisters foot steps when it comes to ONLY wearing dresses and flashy shoes:) she is girly, however, she is my bravest when it comes to bugs. just this week, she had to stomp on an ant that was terrorizing her brother! ha:) she loves her thumb and loves her siblings... especially "alwyn gwathe" (adalyn grace). she can cut her eyes at you and give you mischievous looks all day long and she LOVES to sing and dance. she would be a great cast member on barney, with the cheesy way that she sings and shakes her head... not to mention all of the facial expressions:) i love to hear her pray and ask for the blessing at meal times. right now, she prays everytime for "momma peel butter" (momma to feel better)... makes my heart smile:) even though i am feeling great these days! i am so thankful for my sweet and spunky miley noel!

we love our "miney moe!"

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