Wednesday, April 27, 2011

tv, bubbles and sweet faces:o)

have you ever been in the other room when you hear one of your kids screaming? well, it seems as though at least one of my kids cries or screams every hour.. uh, i mean everyday:) so when i heard josiah crying yesterday afternoon, i didn't rush to him and instead i waited for him to come to me. but... he never came. ella kate did and nervously shouted, "momma! come here!! josiah has a tv stuck around his head!!"

what in the world?? i stopped folding the clothes on my bed and went into his room and found this.... the "tv" was actually just an extra monitor for the portable dvd player that we used to have in the car. i don't know where josiah found it or what possessed him to strap it around his head, but once i got it off, all was well with the world:)

until "miss thing" wanted to wear the "tv" as a belt and have her picture taken, too! we have so many bubbles at our house right now, so while bill was doing yard work last night, the babies and i blew bubbles and decorated our front porch with sidewalk chalk.
i could look at this sweet squishy face all day:)these are miley's first braids, so i took a pic:)movie night watching the veggie tales estheri love how newborns make this face:) ella kate told me, "momma, i think adalyn grace is trying to whistle! but... i don't here anything!" :)

oh, and did i ever metion that when adalyn was 5 days old, ella kate asked me when our 'other' baby was going to come out of my belly because my belly was STILL SO BIG!! sweet, huh?? time to put away the girl scout cookies and start doing some cruches:)

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