Monday, April 25, 2011

no more tonsils..

ellakate had her tonsils taken out thursday morning. she was super excited to wake up when it was "still night time!" we had to be at the hospital at 6am and poppa was there to greet us with this HUGE stuffed doggy that ek named bella.. then she renamed her the next day to annabell:)she LOVES to have straight hair, so i told her that i would straighten it for her surgery. could you imagine that curly hot mess after a couple days in a hospital bed? she was so excited about her surgery... bella was even allowed to stay in the bed and have her tonsils taken out too! they gave her some medicine to calm her nerves before they wheeled her to surgery, and her reaction to it was HILARIOUS! my dad, bill and i were dying laughing at her... my dad even said she was as drunk as a skunk:) she couldn't hold her head up, so she bobbing all over the place and her eyes were so glossy. one time she fell back onto her pillow and my dad kissed her on the head and asked, "are you feeling ok?" her reply"...... (long silence)..... yep!" i about wet my pants:) so funny! the nurses came and got her and wheeled her into surgery and it broke my heart. i started crying. she was fine.. didn't have a clue where she was or what was going on... but, i was scared. we love her dr. he was the nicest man and is so good with kids. he also is a believer and that made me love him even more.
she came out of surgery crying and asking for poppa (who had already gone back to work). it broke my heart. i think she cried for about an hour and at one point she looked at me and said, "momma, i wish we never would have come here!" i felt like the worst mom ever! but her tonsils needed to come out and i knew she would eventually feel so much better.she was a such a champ through all of this and we could not have been more proud! within the first few hours, she ate 2 popsicles, a couple cups of icecream and some jello. later that night she had some more and even managed to sneak a french fry of off her daddy's plate when no one was looking:)

the worst part of this experience for ella kate was her iv and the blood pressure cuff!

but, hey...i don't blame her! :(she NEEDED to hold adalyn to make her feel better:) she kept saying, "momma... i feel bad. can i hold the baby?"
poor adalyn... she is loved to death:)it made my heart smile to see all of our family and friends come and visit ella kate in the hospital. she had so many visitors and even more presents!! she was in heaven:) josiah even told me, "momma, when i get big like L-Kate, i'mma have tonsils and i'mma get prizes!!!" she racked up on stuffed animals, coloring books, candy, movies, fingernail polish, barbies, bubbles, balloons, pictures that her friends colored for her... you name it, she got it:) we are so thankful for all of the prayers and love! God is good!!

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