Saturday, March 28, 2009

rainy days..

i am very much the type of person whose mood is affected by the weather! if it is beautiful and sunny outside, then most likely i am a happy girl! on the other hand, if it is dark and gloomy... then i am dark and gloomy too!! i wish that i wasn't that way... i wish that i loved the rain as much as my sister erin does, but i dont! i especially dont like it when we are cooped up in the house all day either! there is only so much to do with 3 babies ages 2 and under! there are only so many puzzles, coloring books, and imaginary games that we can play... before we are all ready to pull our hair out!! and i HATE when i feel like the babies have been in front of the tv for too long!! even if we aren't watching 'tv', but are watching videos like baby einsteins and praise babys... it drives me nuts!
ANYWAY... josiah and miley were napping this morning, so ella kate and i were hanging out and she wanted to watch the little mermaid. she really hasn't seen any of the disney movies before, besides tinkerbell - which we LOVE!! i grow up watching all of them, but now as a mom, i see so much in them that i dislike! why are there so many EVIL people and wicked stepmoms in them?? geez!! i am not ready for ella kate to be exposed to all of that just yet... so, anyway...back to this morning! we were downstairs in the living room, while the rain was pouring down and ella kate turned to me and said, "momma, i fink i hear da' funder rollin'!!" it was so cute!! but who says that?? bill and i don't say, "hey kids.. listen to the thunder ROLLING!" no.. we say, "hey kids, do you hear the thunder?!" it cracked me up, so i called my mom and asked her if they talked about 'rolling' thunder at school and she said no... so i don't have a clue where this girl gets her stuff! maybe she has heard garth brooks' song, "the thunder rolls", but i dont think that she has heard that song with me or bill.... oh, well! she is a smart little stinker.. thats for sure!!! and she definetly keeps us smiling!

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