Monday, March 9, 2009

my little man

poor josiah is SURROUNDED by girls:) between me, my sisters, my mom, my grandma, ella kate, miley and his cousin eve, the little guy doesn't stand a chance!! luckily, the 3 men in his life, bill, my daddy and his uncle eric, all have very strong and dominant personalities and a huge power of influence!! i like to think though, that having all these girls around will help him be an amazing husband and daddy one day!! he will know what girls like and what they don't like:) it makes me smile to think about him growing up one day! he is gonna be a little heartbreaker with those big ,blue eyes and dimples:) i love that boy!
anyways, here is a picture of him and baby eve riding together in a single stroller at my mom's house! eve was sitting in his lap, and he liked kissing her head and touching her sweet face... it was precious!!
(sorry that the picture quality is a little bad, it is from the camera on my cell phone.)

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  1. LOVE this pic :) he's such a sweetie!