Wednesday, March 4, 2009

stepping on frogs..

ok, who is surprised that i have another funny bathtub story?!?! well, if any of you know the davis'.... we are sort of a gassy family! (we, meaning, bill and the babies!!) my sister lauren, was telling me of some friends who have taught their little girl a cute phrase to say when she passes gas, and i thought that we could try it with our babies!! so tonight, all wet and lathered up, ella kate passes some pretty loud and humorous gas in the tub. i thought that now was a great time to introduce the new 'saying'!! so i asked, "uh-oh ella kate, did you step on a frog??" (i am laughing as i type this!!) she looks at me like i have completely lost my mind and says, "momma... there are no aminals in da baff tub!! that was just my hiney talkin'!!" and she goes on about her business!!
she is so stinkin' cute!!


  1. your stories absolutely crack me up! i love reading your blog :o) where does ella kate come up with this stuff... she is hilarious!

  2. that made me laugh out loud. I love you guys!