Wednesday, March 18, 2009

daddy is home!!

praise the lord that daddy and yaya made it home safely from mexico!! i dont know how much more ella kate could have taken without bill! she loves her daddy!! josiah was a little apprehensive at first, when he saw bill! he would just smile from a distance... as if he was thinking, "why are you all of a sudden back here?? i was just getting used to you being gone!" ella kate however, wanted to tackle bill as soon as she saw him pull up the driveway! she didn't want to go back to sleep, in fear that he might be gone again in the morning! and of course sweet miley, greeted him with what else..but a SMILE!! bill was sooo glad to be home, and we were sooo glad that he was!! it still feels as though, we can't get enough of him! he got home super early sunday morning, went back to sleep until lunchtime, we had church that night, came home, went to bed and then he was back at work on monday. i wish that he could just take off a week and let us soak up every drop of him that we missed last week!! josiah cried and cried this morning when bill left for work... it was like a scene from a movie, where the kid is latched on to his daddy's leg in tears and the daddy has to peel him off! it was really sad! so, bill is taking off work tomorrow and we will have a fun-filled day with him! i am so thankful that bill is a family man! he loves me and he loves our babies, and i couldn't ask for more!!
last night when bill got home from work, we loaded up and went to the park. ella kate was looking a hot mess!! she, of course, had on a dress with her dancing shoes and her hair was out of control!! several ladies were laughing at her on the jungle gym... she was climbing and running and jumping in those high heels!! she definitely can walk in them as well as she could any other shoe! the babies had a ball playing, and were sad that we had to go! we swung thru dairy queen on the way home to get a blizzard, and that immediately cheered them up!! so, we got home and unloaded the car and bill was starting their bath. ella kate was eating her ice cream while sitting on the potty... go figure:) bill was bathing josiah and i was getting miley undressed for the tub, when we heard her say with a deep breath-like sigh, "OOOHHHHHHHH ELLLLLLA KAAAATE!!" i look at her and she has spilled her ice cream all down her legs. it was the funniest thing that she talked to herself like that! she must have heard someone else say that before...

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