Monday, March 9, 2009

miss priss

i just remembered a story that i wanted to share...
saturday morning, i was getting the babies dressed. as i have mentioned earlier, ella kate ONLY wants to wear dresses... but she has several cute spring outfits that i want her to wear. so i pulled an outfit out of her closet and started getting her dressed.
i put her top on, and she goes, "uh-oh!!! momma, this is A SHIRT!!"
"i know it is a shirt, ella kate. little girls can wear shirts, too!"
"no momma, my needs a dress!!"
she was devestated that i was making her wear a shirt and some shorts, she wanted to wear a dress so badly! it didn't matter that it was pink and pretty, nothing is as pretty and 'perstick' as her dresses:) but, i did not give in!! well, i did let her pick out her shoes... which were her plastic high heel 'dancing shoes'! so, she wore that outfit and looked adorable:) she wasn't happy about it, but she did look adorable!!

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  1. Almost 4 days down and 4 to go! You can do it! I hope you guys are all holding up well, and Bill will be home in no time...hope you and the kiddos have a great rest of the week!