Friday, March 13, 2009

let's see here..

i really wish that i had my camera! the babies really did some cute things this week, and i was unable to catch them:( oh well, i guess this is why i have this blog.. to be able to write it down and remember it forever! i just wish that you could see what i am fixing to talk to you about:)

we really, and i mean REALLY miss bill! ella kate has woken up all but one night since he has been gone, crying for him!! i try and explain to her that he will be here in a little bit, but then she wants to sit on the porch and wait for him!! so sweet.. he has no idea how loved he is! at the mention of daddy, josiah breaks down in tears. bless his heart, he is only 18 months old.. but he knows someone is missing and he wants his daddy home! sweet miley has been wonderful.. but who's surprised?!?! we love that baby! she has made this week easier for me by offering me a crooked little smile with a crinkled up nose, everytime that i look at her! so precious! the other 2, although are incredibly confused and sad, have been unbelievably testy!! they constantly pick at each other, and whine and cry at the smallest thing! and ella kate, who is usually pretty obedient, has been pushing the envelope a bit!! praise the lord that bill will be on his way home tomorrow!! but, i do have some cute stories to share..
ella kate went to school on thursday and when it was over jos, miley and i went to surprise her and pick her up. my mom usually brings her home, but we were out that way running errands, so i decided to swing by and get her! i left the babies in the car and went to playground where ek's class was to get her! she ran up to the fence and said, "momma! you are my momma!!" just incase i had forgotten:) " my josiah and my daddy are waiting for me in the car!!" my heart broke... "no, baby! josiah and miley are in the car, but daddy is still in mexico!" she looked at me like i was silly and said, "no, him's in the car and wants to see me!" so needless to say.. she was upset to see that i right. i kissed her when we got to the car and she said, "momma, your nose smells like a frachachinno!" there is no fooling her:) i had swung by starbucks to get me a drink before i picked her up! she was pretty upset, but i found a sucker in her back pack and gave it to her in hopes that it would make her stop crying! who knew that lollipops can make you forget about your daddy?!? so, we get home and get everyone unloaded and into the house. i was going to lay josiah down for a nap. i put miley on ek's floor and asked if she could 'babysit' baby miley for me, while i changed josiah's diaper and put him down. what i saw when i got back to her room was PRICELESS!! miley was on her back and ella kate was facing on the floor on her belly. she was steady talking to her and touching her face and saying, "i'ma gonna getchoo baby mi-ey!" miley was in awe... sweetly smiling at her and cooing back. ella kate got up and said, "i be right back, baby mi-ey, my's gotta get my dancin' shoes!" she ran over to her closet and switched out her shoes and came back to her sister who was looking for her while she was gone:) i really wish that i could have gotten it on camera! after that, i found an old cinderella costume and brought it to her! she said, "that is ADORABLE!! it's sleeping booty!!" she put it on and told me, "daddy's gonna yub it and say my's a pwincess!!" she does this new thing everytime she puts a dress on. she neals down and looks at how the dress poofs out around her and then gets up and twirls around. such a girly girl! normally, she would nap after school too, but since she was having hard day, i decided to let her watch a movie instead. i told her that i would put barbie on and for her to come downstairs and watch it after she went potty. i also wish that i had a picture of what she looked like when she came downstairs. i will describe it as best as i can.... she had on her blue princess dress with her fusia dancing shoes, a new burgandy purse that her nonny had given her, a pink, straw easter hat that her nonny also gave to her, a dora purse on the other hand and last but not least.... her ceiling fan pull-chain necklace!!! she was a sight for sore eyes:) i love that girl!
she also made me laugh several times today too! she was listening to the song, i can't remember the name but it goes.. 'the foolish man built his house upon the sand..' and she was really in to it. when the song ended she looked at me and said with a smile, "oh... that was GREAT!" she also, this week, has renamed my sister erin to 'sissy'.. although, with her lysp it sounds a little different when she says it:) so today we got to go to erin's house for a little bit, and when we left and pulled out of the driveway, ella kate told me, "i yub thithy!"

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