Wednesday, March 4, 2009

songs of truth

this week while i was feeding the babies supper, i went upstairs and started their bath. they were both eating yogurt in their seats, and ella kate started singing, "oh, be careful yittle eyes whatchu see, oh be careful yittle eyes whatchu see! for da fodder up-a-bub, uh umm... well, be careful yittle eyes whatchu see" :) it was so cute and we are just learning the song, so i surprised that she new as much as she did! i ran back upstairs and turned the water off, and what i heard next really stopped me in my tracks, "oh be careful yittle heart whatchu trust...." and she kept singing. my eyes weld up with tears! it was the absolute sweetest thing to hear, yet it is so TRUE!! our children these days are bombarded and overwhelmed with secular/sinful influences and they need to gaurd their little hearts and be careful who they trust!! little kids are like sponges, soaking everything in and what better way, then to fill them with the TRUTH... even in songs!! so that was a sweet moment that i wanted to share.... oh, and just a side note... josiah is not quite ready to handle yogurt by himself! however, who is surprised that ella kate " was 'all cream' and did not make a mess:) "

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