Wednesday, March 11, 2009

sweet conversations...

we had an amazing surprise today!! bill was able to borrow someone's satellite phone and call us from mexico!! it has been incredibly difficult for ella kate to be away from bill, and even josiah is having a hard time not seeing daddy:( but, it was great to be able to hear his voice and to talk to him for the few seconds that we had! ella kate was near me and i knew that she would want to talk to him, so she got on the phone and in the sweetest, most pitiful voice she said, "hey daddy! my's here with momma.... you gotta COME HOME, daddy!!" talk about a tear jerker!!! i could hear bill getting choked up on the other end of the line! it was the sweetest thing! i didn't tell her to say that... she just spoke from her heart! sweet girl:) i know, he really misses us, and we cannot wait for him to come back home, too!
he took our camera with him to mexico, so i have been completely lost without it this week! i take pictures of the babies EVERYDAY!! but our camera also takes video clips, so i thought that we could surprise daddy with little video clips that we could record in advance, and he could watch while in mexico missing us!! so last week, i recorded little messages from the babies, as well as just everyday little things that i knew that he would miss! for instance, josiah and i were playing outside and he was wearing what else, but his bucket! so i taped him walking around, babbling to anything that would listen, all while wearing the infamous purple bucket:) then, i recorded sweet baby miley "talking" well, actually it is more like "growling" in her bouncy seat, and of course i got some sweet smiling moments! ella kate and i actually left messages, like we were talking to him and asking him to come home. we told him that we loved him, and missed him and then ella kate sang several songs to him! it was funny, because ella kate, in one video clip, was like, "daddy is here, he not go bye-bye!" i tried to explain that he WAS leaving and that we were trying to talk to daddy like he was already in mexico... but, you try explaining that to a 2 yr old!!! she was so confused, but just went along with it:) so needless to say.... we want our daddy back home!!

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