Monday, March 9, 2009

we miss daddy..

daddy left super early saturday morning for mexico and wont get home until super late next saturday night. we all miss him terribly! anytime josiah hears the front door open, he runs to it and says, "daddy! daddy!" but gets disappointed to see that it is someone else...ella kate loves when daddy reads to her and tucks her in at night, and i simply just don't do it right! she cried for him the very first night, and i thought to myself... 'this is going to be a loooooong week'. but, however... things are not that bad! ella kate woke up this morning around 1am and came upstairs to my room. she looked and saw that daddy was not in the bed and asked, "momma... where's daddy?" half asleep and dead tired, i told her that he was still in mexico, and she said, "oh, ok..... well then, i'ma need some cheese!!" dear lord... this kid ALWAYS wants cheese! so i got up and walked her back downstairs to her room and told her we could have some cheese in the morning, but right now it was time to go night-night. :)

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