Tuesday, October 20, 2009


...why can i not get into the groove, again? i have gotten sooo slack with the blog and with taking pictures... this is so not me!!
maybe it is because miley has croup now and josiah had to leave mother's day out early today because he is sick... AGAIN! my poor babies can't catch a break! i went to the dr this morning and asked him why my kids kept getting sick... he encouraged me and said that kids ages 4 and under are the most susceptible to catching any bug going around.... and the fact that i have 3 kids ages 3 and under means that i should just get used to having the sickies!!! uggh... i am going on about an hour of sleep, today! poor miley had a rough night last night, which means momma had a rough night, too!! i just pray that she gets better, soon! i miss my smiley girl... i am not used to having her cry all day and all night!
on a sweeter note... josiah is the sweetest boy around! the other day, i was getting ella kate dressed and josiah walked in and said, "hey LK! you booful! hey momma... LK's a kwincess!" (princess)
love him:)

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  1. Bless your heart! i could not imagine how tuff it is on you having 3 wee ones that are all sick!

    Arn't lilttle boys just sweetest sometimes! I know it melts your heart when says sweet things like that...cherish each one cause soon the only music you will hear will be slamming doors and screams of "MOM SHE"S WON"T GET OUT OF MY ROOM!!!!!"


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