Tuesday, October 6, 2009

sweet 'siah..

josiah has been a super sweet boy these days! i just love his cute dimpled face:) i was cuddling him on the couch and said, "josiah are you momma's sweet boy?" he smiled and said, "i yaya's seet boy!" he spent the night this weekend with his BFF, yaya (my sister lauren) and she has been all that he has talked about! he sure does love his yaya:) and as a matter of fact, if he is talking to her he will address her saying, "hey my yaya......." it is cute!
he recently saw a bruise on my leg and said, "oh! momma boo boo! i so sowwy!" then he kissed it and made it all better! sweet boy:) as soon as i thanked him, he put his chubby finger on it and mashed it and laughed... then it hurt again:( boys will be boys, i guess!

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