Wednesday, October 28, 2009


miley is screaming in the living room with ella kate and josiah nearby. i was in the kitchen cooking supper and asked, "ella kate! whats wrong with baby miley?" ella kate's response was, "oh! her's just having a hard day!" bill hooked up a new sprinkler to the water hose, to see if it would reach a certain part in our yard, he turns around to mess with the spicket (sp??) and when he looks back, he sees ella kate completely dressed and soaken wet, running though the sprinkler. i wonder if this is why my kids get sick??ella kate's new favorite item of clothing is her "sleebs". (aka: tights) she wants to wear them everyday with everything! and i have no idea why she calls them that:)

josiah went to church with yaya (my sister lauren) and while he was in the nursery, he decided to play dress up with the other kids... only he chose to wear a victorian style, long sleeved red dress:) he cried when they made him take it off! most people would be worried about this.. including my dad and husband... but the way i look at it is... he is the only boy in our family, ella kate dresses up as a princess EVERYDAY, miley wears tu-tu's and so he thinks he is just one of them! if we had boy "dress up" clothes like a fireman or super hero, i am sure he would loved those! so.. my dad is getting him some for christmas:)

speaking of firemen... yesterday at school, some firefighters came in their truck to talk with the kids. ella kate told me in the car, when i picked her up,"momma, i was not liking those fire fire's(firefighters) today! they were too noisy!!"

yaya got ready for church on sunday and josiah walks in and says, "oh, my yaya! you booooful:)"

as much as josiah and ella kate bicker... they really do love each other! when josiah spent the night away with yaya this weekend, ella kate called him and told him she loved him. she kept telling me we needed to go and pick him up because she misses him! and EVERY morning when i go and get josiah from his bed, he looks for ella kate and says, "g'mornin L Kate's".

and to share a little something about miley.... she has been the absolute best baby ever!! but, we are seeing a fire-y streak in her these days! bill laughs and says that she reminds him of my sister, erin. she is easy going and happy until you tick her off:) it takes a lot to get her upset, but when she does... she blows the top off:) so anyway.. miley "thinks" she is outgrowing her morning nap. i, however, think she is entirely too young to skip her morning nap:) but lately, instead of sleeping, she throws EVERYTHING out of her bed and onto the floor.... including toys, babies, blankets, sheets.. you name it! and after her crib is empty she is either doing one of two things: 1- holding onto the sides of her crib and jumping and babbling VERY loudly or 2- standing up and slapping the wall with her chubby bare hands as if she were playing the bongo drums:) she is a mess... a very noisy mess! but either way, she is happy and not fussing.... and NOT sleeping!! so i leave her in there:)
oh! and ella kate has been into rhyming things lately. like there is a sweet little girl aubrey, who made ella kate a necklace at church one day... only, ella kate calls her arby:) so the other day while wearing the necklace, she goes, "hey momma.. look! arby and barbie.. their the same!" then she goes around the room and makes up words to rhyme... "cup and bup! 'siah and tiah! baby miley and smiley! sleebs and neebs! (my favorite!)"


  1. the rhyming thing is actually very impressive for a three year old and is important in helping them learn to read. She's a pretty smart little girlie! I miss those babies. :)

  2. I wonder if "sleebs" is sleeves, and she seems them as sleeves for her legs? You have the cutest kids ever! I love this blog!

  3. hahahaha sleebs and neebs! that's my favorite too.

  4. how cute!!!

    I especially love the first comment... 'Her's have a hard day' - Out of the mouths of babes!

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