Tuesday, October 6, 2009


my sister erin has baby girl, eve who is 8 weeks older than miley. i started watching her last week, so erin could get a part time job at an elementary school here in town. eve and miley play really well together, and i am sure that they will be partners in crime.... soon:) ella kate and josiah also love baby eve... and she enjoys laughing at their silliness and i love to hear josiah call her baby "eeeb". when i picked up ella kate from mother's day out yesterday, she was surprised when she saw eve in our car. "hey! who got baby eve to us?" i told her sissy (erin) brought her over. then she replied, " her is ALWAYS wiff us, can we just keep her??" it was cute.. then, yesterday as she was watching a christmas mickey mouse dvd, she says, "hey momma! sissy and unk eck (uncle eric) have one of those baby christmas eve's, too!" she cracks me up....

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