Tuesday, October 13, 2009

good for some laughs...

bill, (shirtless) giving ella kate a hug saturday morning was told, "daddy, you smell HORRIBLE!" hehe

while "resting" in her room after school yesterday, ella kate took it upon herself to reorganize her furniture. not really, but that it what it looked like when i went in to get her. i had just cleaned her room that morning while she was at preschool and as soon as she got home, it turned into a disaster area!! so i made her help me clean it up, this time.
i opened her armoire to put her shoes away, and laughed at what i saw "hiding" in her closet.... a can of cheddar pringles!! i don't have a clue how or when she got them, but she was hiding them in there for a late night snack, i suppose!

i got josiah up this morning, and laid him on the floor to change his NASTY diaper and put his clothes on. he looks next to him and sees what i am about to change him into, "hey momma! dat's josiah's diaper?? its booooful (beautiful)!!" this boy has been around too many dramatic princesses:)

josiah loves to play peek-a-boo with miley and eve. only he calls it, "key-bow"..... cute! i remember when ella kate would call it "pick-ee-oh"... they grow up too fast!!

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