Friday, October 2, 2009

what a day!

today was crazy! i can't even remember what all happened or where to start!
but here are a few minor situations:
josiah went to the kitchen table and pulled a chair up to the counter to get into the new halloween candy.. spilling the jar and candy corn everywhere! we had to pull our stove out and clean all the ones that went in between the cracks. nasty.... there was more than just candy corn back there! we should pull that sucker out more often to clean!!
but before all of that... i took the babies to target which is where we bought the candy. all 3 babies were in the buggy.... miley was in the front and ella kate and josiah were both standing up. i was stopped in the middle of the cosmetic aisle, just browsing... when josiah toppled over the side of the buggy, landing on his head then flipping over on his back. apparently he and ella kate were tickling each other and she accidentally pushed a little too hard:( thankfully, no one was on our aisle or saw it happen!! but they did hear him cry and cry and cry and cry!! poor buddy... i am sure that it hurt, but he is so tough!

when we got home.. we all made our way inside. josiah was the first to the door and i was right behind him, hurrying to lay miley down for her nap. ella kate was lagging behind and shouted out, "hey guys!! wait.. wait!! did you forget it was all about me??" i dont have a clue where she heard that from... and sadly, she is completely wrong!! :)

later today.. i had supper cooking on the stove. bill was on his way home from work and i was going to take the trash out. the babies followed me outside! they will take any opportunity to play or ride their bikes.. even 2 minutes:) when i headed back to the front door, i saw this HUGE locust grasshopper thing... sitting there, looking at me! i HATE bugs... especially big ones! i asked ella kate and josiah if they would go and get it for me and both of them chickened out!! i tried to put my brave face on and shoo it away, but as soon as i got close to it.. it moved a little towards me and i FREAKED OUT!! i think i even squealed a little.. and i hate that! i really dont want to put fear in my kids, but i just couldn't bring myself to move it!! i am such a loser! thankfully... after 30 minutes, one of our neighbor buddies drove by and i waved him down. he laughed as i asked him to remove the monster off my porch:) but he was blocking the only unlocked door into my house and i just new my supper was burning!! so thank you bryant!! you saved the day today... and gave bill the day off:)

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