Thursday, October 1, 2009


isn't this new fall weather AMAZING??? i love it, and the babies have thoroughly enjoyed playing outside more:) i feel like we wake up, eat breakfast, go outside and play, have a picnic lunch in the driveway, NAPTIME, then wake up and go back outside and play until daddy comes home, eat supper, load up in the wagon and go for a walk, bath time, then bedtime! that has been our routine for most of the week and I LOVE IT! if the babies are lucky and if i am feeling up to it, i will try and take them on a wagon walk by myself in the mornings... but pulling 80+ pounds in a little red wagon is tough stuff:) but i managed to do it twice this week, and one day ella kate saw a kiddie slide in our neighbors front yard (they have a one year old little girl),
"hey momma! look at that slide of there..."
"i see it! i think it's ansleigh's slide.."
"oh, i love ansleigh! she is so cute, i could just slap her up!!"

the other day in the car, josiah was coughing up a lung in the backseat (not really, but that is what it sounded like)... ella kate looks at him and says, " 'siah don't cough on me! i'ma get sick again.. go cough somewhere else!"
poor little guy, can't get any sympathy!


  1. I laughed out loud at the "i could just slap her" comment. That is so great.

  2. "slap her up".....
    spoken like a true southern belle!

    I think you are going to have your hands full in a few more years ( not that you don't already)