Sunday, October 4, 2009

miley is ONE!!!

how in the world is my baby a year old, already???? it makes me so sad, time goes by too fast! a year ago today, miley noel davis was born 4 weeks early weighing 7lb 13oz and was 20.5 in long! i prayed and prayed for a bald baby, yet miley came out with TONS of dark hair.. she was our hairiest baby:) she has been the absolute BEST addition to our family. so content and happy... almost always smiling:) now, don't get me wrong.. she does have a fiesty streak:) she will go days without fussing or making a peep, but then one day someone or something will tick her off and she lets it all out! if ella kate takes her toy on the wrong day, she'll explode and shake her hands in frustration... no tears, but she means business!! it scares ella kate when she does it... she usually gives the toy back to miley and then runs away:) miley is pretty easy going, and LOVES her daddy and ella kate! they always can make her laugh:) she loves josiah, too.. but he hasn't quite figured out how to entertain her in laughter! she loves playing with her cousin, baby eve. they are 8 weeks apart in age and i am sure that they will be the best of buds as they grow up! miley is starting to babble some, too! she loves to drop (throw) a toy and then say, "uh oh!" she also has the sweetest wave as she says, "bye bye!" a few of her other words are the normal.. mama, baba, dada and the typical "growl" that she has always done! she also, is a GREAT mimic-er. if bill makes a sound with his mouth, whether it is a click, smack or gurgle... she can mimic the exact same sound.... with a smile:) miley is also standing and has taken a few steps, but i am not encouraging or rushing the whole walking phase.... i am content with her just crawling:)
we love our baby girl and are so thankful for her precious sweet spirit! i know the lord has a great plan for her life and we are looking forward to it all unfolding:) happy birthday smiley miley!!

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