Friday, October 30, 2009

need a little space..

i was just informed by ella kate that "she needed a little space"!!
well, don't we all:) now keep in mind that this child is 3!!! we are surely in for it:)

this also happens to be the child that ate supper around 5 one afternoon, and when bill came home around 6 and warmed up his plate, she ran to him and said, "daddy, can you share wiff me... cause i didn't have supper ALL week!" oh, the drama! she tried to pull one of these on her mimi recently when i dropped her off after lunch to play. she told mimi that she "didn't eat lunch all year and her tummy was talking for food!" so 2 string cheese sticks and 2 "horn" dogs later, she was happy... that bottomless pit:) and yes... i hate that she calls corn dogs, HORN dogs... gross!

my mom got josiah a spider man costume today and he loves it! finally, a MANLY, boyish dress up outfit all for him!! it is the black one, with built-in muscles... so cute! only... when he put it on he said, "oh 'siah so pretty!" uh-no buddy.. you are rugged and strong! not pretty:)
then when we got home and woke up from naps, he wanted to put it back on. he ran into ella kate's room to get some "dancin' shoes" (plastic high heels) to complete the look! i offered him his cowboy boots instead!! hey- i'm trying:)

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