Saturday, December 5, 2009

big boy bed!

well, folks... we are down to only ONE crib!! hooray!! josiah has been in his big boy bed for a couple of weeks now, and has transitioned PERFECTLY!! sweet boy:) he has not once gotten out of his bed or woken up in the middle of the night! he has always been our best sleeper, and i was so afraid that this "new found freedom" with a big boy bed would totally ruin his sleeping habits... but i was wrong! he has yet to get out of his bed and play with his toys... praise the lord! we tuck him in at night with a few books and special pillow, and he basically is in the same position when we get him in the morning:) i remember when we transtioned ella kate, she would climb at her window and look at everyone driving by, or she would pull out ALL of her toys and baby dolls, and one time i caught her riding her big wheel around in her room! crazy girl...
i am sure that josiah will eventually learn that he can get down, but for now... he is still our angel boy sleeper!

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