Sunday, December 6, 2009

interview with a 3 yr old..

ella kate is growing sooooo fast! well, actually.... they all are! it makes me so sad:(
tonight, ella kate got the bathtub all to herself! hooray for her! the little 2 were napping, so i took this opportunity to spend some one on one with my big girl! we talked and laughed... it was so much fun! i asked her some questions like this:

me: ella kate, what is your favorite color these days? (like i really needed to ask:) )

ek: pink and purple

me: what is your favorite food?

ek: NOODLES!! oh, and cookies! i really like to eat cookies!

me: who is your bestest friend?

ek: MOMMY!

me: what is your favorite toy to play with?

ek: mermaids and barbies

me: where is your favorite place to go?

ek: i like to go on the paff (path) where snow cones live, wiff (with) yaya! (we haven't had snow cones since july! but lauren was always to one who took us!)

me: who is your favorite person to play with at school?

ek: mrs. hope! (her sweet teacher!)

me: who is your favorite princess?

ek: mermaid and sleeping beauty! (this is so funny to me, because we dont have any of the princess movies, but she knows who they all are! we do have tinkerbell which i LOVE, but princesses are still her favorite!)

me: what do you want for christmas?

ek: a mermaid girl that gets in the baff tub, and a mermaid umbrella!

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