Monday, December 21, 2009

gingerbread houses and more..

bill LOVES the christmas season and everything that goes with it! last year, he made gingerbread houses with ella kate and josiah and he couldn't wait to make another one this year!
bill knew that he and ella kate could make THE perfect gingerbread house, but was worried that josiah would mess it up and make it tacky! how rude:) so he made josiah his own house made out of graham crackers and he and ella kate had the cute store brand house to decorate!miley enjoying some candy:)
ta-da! they were so proud:)

notice the "polar bears" (teddy grahams)... those were ella kate's great idea:)

also... when we finished, ella kate said, "i can't wait to show mimi my gingerbread house! oh, and i'ma need to call nonny and tell her, too! her LUBS(loves) gingerbread houses!!"

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